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Riding In Australia


 It's a serious problem. Where to go? Australia offers a huge variety, from desert to tropical rainforest, mountain ranges to beaches, cityscape to ghost town.

Australian Motorcycle Adventures is located in Brisbane, an ideal starting point for an Australian jaunt.  Beyond the Great Dividing Range you will find the landscape gradually becomes harsher and a lot drier and eventually this becomes desert.


1000 km south is Sydney (reputedly a mosquito infested swamp dividing Victoria and Queensland) from whence you can ride along the east coast to Melbourne and then along the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. This trip is truly spectacular, 300 kms of twisting and winding road dotted with pretty little holiday towns, breathtaking cliff-top views, lush forests and dramatic coastal formations including the awesome Twelve Apostles which rise above the pounding surf near Port Campbell. The Great Ocean Road ranks as one of the best motorcyling roads in the country, rivalling the Oxley Highway.

Tasmania is an overnight ferry ride from Melbourne and in the summer offers magic riding through some of Australia's most beautiful World Heritage listed national parks with open grasslands, rainforests, lakes and gorges. Tasmanian events of note include the Targa Tasmania (a battalion of loonies in Ferraris and Porches barrels around the island at ludicrous speed) and the quite amazing Pylon Racing, where another band of refugees from the funny farm play chicken in souped up Cessnas.

Travelling north of Brisbane takes you up to the Barrier Reef coastal towns of Mackay, Gladstone, Townsville and eventually Cairns.  Outback takes you to such places as Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the opal mining towns of Central Australia, or less well known attractions such as the superb Lawn Hill Gorge and the Morning Glory of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Key things to remember when planning your trip are our climate (harsh in an outback summer), and the vast distances involved.  You're not in Kansas anymore!

A little geography

Australia is almost as large as all of Europe put together, and a good deal larger than Texas. Motorcyclists on an extended trip around the continent with a diversion into the centre of Australia generally ride over 20,000 kms. Years ago blokes used to race around the country, and every couple of years someone would break the record for the round trip over some of the worst roads and through the harshest country imaginable. Two coppers finally beat the 10 day mark (well one did - the other had an altercation with a 'roo) on Z1300's back in the early 80's. That record stands, and probably will forever. Speeding is rather frowned upon these days - go fast enough, and they'll lock you up! 


You will find the climate varies in Australia just as much as the geography. The climatic conditions vary greatly throughout the year and will depend on the area you are travelling through. Beware of travelling through the outback during the high summer.

Spring: September to November

Autumn: March to May

Summer: December to February

Winter: June to August

Australian Motorcycle Adventures does not recommend travel in Central and Northern Australia during the summer months, as the conditions are ... hot .. damn hot.

Ideally Central and Northern Australia should be travelled to during the winter months, when daytime temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees. At night it often drops to freezing temperature, so take your woollies! The area north of The Tropic of Capricorn is subject to monsoon conditions, with a wet and Long Walk dry season. The Wet (November to March) is subject to daily storms and occasional cyclones. This heavy rainfall makes travel on unsurfaced roads hazardous if not impossible. The warmer months are perfect for travel in the coastal areas of NSW, Victoria, Tasmania (if you don't like the weather, come back in 5 minutes), the Southern coast and areas of South Australia and Perth and surrounding areas in Western Australia.  Queensland, so they say, is beautiful one day, perfect the next.

Road Conditions

Australia has very good highways along most of the eastern seaboard and across to South Australia, linking the major cities.  The more populated the area, the better the road conditions. Generally these areas have sealed roads, which can vary from well maintained highways to narrow sealed country roads. For the dirt bike enthusiast the secondary roads in the outback and in Central Australia are almost all unsealed. Fire trails and dirt roads through the Queensland hinterland and the Great Dividing Range are easily accessed from Brisbane. Whether you choose a road bike or a dirt bike, there is a wealth of adventure ahead.

Australian Motorcycle Adventures recommends that you avoid riding a motorcycle between sunset and sunrise, particularly at twilight. Riding flat-out at kangaroo feeding time is a known health hazard. And when camping, watch out for the dropbears.

Motorcycle Insurance

Full comprehensive insurance is provided on all hire bikes as part of the rental fee.
Personal insurance for the rider is not provided and is the responsibility of the hirer/rider.
Theft insurance is not available for motorcycle rentals

Personal Injury/Travel Insurance

Australian Motorcycle Adventures recommends you obtain this type of insurance before departing for Australia. These policies generally cover you for medical expenses incurred whilst travelling,  and for theft of passport, money and personal effects.

Motorcycle Licence Requirements

An International Licence is the most convenient and popular method of riding legally in Australia and is available for short term visitors and holiday tourists. International Licences are valid for three months from the date of entry into Australia. We will accept a licence from your own country, providing it clearly defines, in English, the right of the holder to ride a Motorcycle.

Third Party Personal insurance

This is a component of motor vehicle registration in Australia. If you are involved in a accident whilst riding in Australia and you are at fault, then you are insured against any injury caused by you to another person (including a pillion passenger) in the event of an accident.
You must never ride or drive an unregistered vehicle on public roads or lands.


The official language spoken in Australia is Australian, which consists largely of unprintable monosyllables. For those who speak other tongues, our multicultural society has a very accessible telephone interpreting service.

If there is something we haven't covered, please just ask us and we will help you. Please note that the insurance comments are a guide only and not legal advice. We suggest you obtain further information from insurance companies at home regarding personal and travel insurance.

For more information on current tours and rentals please visit Australian Motorcycle Tours - Outback adventure tours to Uluru, Cape York and Northern Rivers.

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