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Australian Motorcycle Adventures

Uluru (Ayers Rock)
 On and Off Road Motorcycle Tours

The Ayers Rock tours begin in Brisbane and end at the world's largest monolith* - the legendary Uluru in Central Australia. 
AMA have a tour for road bike riders that follows the endless stretches of asphalt. In this isolated atmosphere spot the amazing variety of wildlife: kangaroos, goannas, lizards, snakes, emus, colourful parrots and even wild camels. 

The off-road tour takes in the deserts and salt lakes of some of the driest, most isolated country imaginable. The feeling is amazing when you ride for 300 km without encountering another vehicle. The animals, the ghost towns, the vast expanses of the stark Australian landscape and a night sky ablaze with a billion stars combine to make this tour an unforgettable experience. 
Brisbane - Uluru 

Accommodation: Twin share camping 

Tour Details: 

On Road: 9 days 3600 km 
Off Road: 9 days 3400 km of which 1900 km are on dirt roads. 

 * Actually, the largest monolith is in WA,
but it's nowhere near as spectacular - and nowhere near as well known.

For more information on current tours and rentals please visit Australian Motorcycle Tours - Outback adventure tours to Uluru, Cape York and Northern Rivers.

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